Value creation comes from differentiation.

We design exclusive, innovative and scalable solutions. The idea is to create an ecosystem that can evolve over time according to your needs. This value creation through innovation will allow you to make a difference at your own pace, in your industry.

The Team

Highly experienced leadership

Jean-Baptiste Leonelli founded Adaptiv Systems in 2019.

He is a renowned disruptor and opinion leader in the technology sector, and especially in IoT.

In 2002, Jean-Baptiste co-founded Temboo, Inc. in New York. He is an avid designer, inventor, and advocate of technology as a way to make our daily lives better. He is also an investor and board member of several technology companies.

American academia has widely recognized and adopted the new programming paradigm that Jean-Baptiste Leonelli's successive inventions and innovations have introduced.

Jean-Baptiste relies on a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, engineers and designers that embarked on a mission to design, build and deploy sustainable IoT products and solutions.

  • JB Leonelli
    Founder and CEO
  • Harold Stowe
  • Arnaud Sené
  • Jason Loup
  • Jean-Baptiste Lucas
    Biz Dev & Comm
  • Laurent Maleysson
  • Luc Quéau
    Smart building
  • Frédéric Kerroux
    Industrial design
  • Nick Tau
    EVP Software