We transform great ideas into satisfying,
personal experiences that contribute to
the business success of our clients.

Human-Centered Design

Our products reinvent design and deliver ground-breaking user experiences. We are experts in pushing innovation from ideation to final production and building business success, carefully listening to users.

Artificial Intelligence

Our designs bring artificial intelligence to life. We aggregate data collected by devices, applying algorithms in order to detect trends, improve operating conditions of buildings, and increase the well-being of occupants, all while anticipating critical situations.

Hardware + Software

We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World

Smart Vision Series

Smart Vision inspects people, machinery, objects, equipment and production lines through video sensors. It can monitor for abnormal events or whether employees are wearing mandatory PPE in specific zones. It can autonomously send instant alerts on hazardous situations.

Smart Logging Series

Smart Logging is a solution for tracking services quality, reporting real-time exceptions and ensuring compliance with service level agreements.

Smart Display Series

Smart Display allows users to interact with the environment. It can display when a workspace is reserved, when a service needs to be performed or when a service is pending. Smart Display can also be used as a traceability tool.

Smart Trace Series

Smart Trace monitors incoming and outgoing people within facilities. It can embed a wide range of sensors to track foot traffic, CO2 levels, light levels, temperature changes and more.

Advanced Cyber Security

Adaptiv Systems relies on a back-end architecture built with security as a priority: End-to-end encryption, ultra-secure datacenters, use of external service providers for intrusion detection tests and security audits and continuous updating of security software and operating systems.

Real-Time Information

All our solutions are designed to handle real-time data gathered constantly by devices and sensors which facilitate quick operational decisions, reactions on unscheduled disruptions, and an ability to predict incidents and guarantee the safety of people and assets.