Welcome Nick!

We are pleased to welcome Nick Tau, our new EVP of Software. Nick joins us from Meta, where he led the team responsible for the Facebook SDKs used by millions of web and mobile apps to connect with billions of users worldwide. Prior to that, under Nick's leadership at Amazon, his team developed the internal platform used by all other teams to intelligently optimize interactive voice services by aggregating and processing millions of realtime signals from customer devices and data sources across the company. Before entering Engineering Management full time, Nick was a Staff Engineer at Atlassian, where he worked to meet the unique scaling and security needs of Trello's largest enterprise customers.

Joining Adaptiv Systems is also a happy reunion for Nick, who previously worked with Adaptiv founder Jean-Baptiste Leonelli and other Adaptiv team members at Temboo. Nick served as Engineering Lead during the critical phase when Temboo forged its first hardware partnerships with Arduino, Samsung, and Texas Instruments.

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